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Client Testimonials

Marty helped us sell the family house after my parents had passed away.The house had not been properly maintained for many years and was in desperate need of attention.The family wanted to sell the house in the “As Is” condition because the repairs were more than we wanted to take on at the time.I went to Marty’s office one morning to turn in the disclosure papers I had picked up the night before.He sent out an e-mail to announce the property even before it was officially listed for sale.He showed the house that afternoon to four potential buyers, got an offer from one of them, we countered and the buyer accepted our counter at 5:30 that same day.Wow, now that’s what I call action.I can highly recommend Marty Tuominen as a Real Estate Agent.His professionalism and network connections made what we thought would be a long and stressful process into a quick and most satisfying event.And “As Is” meant “As Is”.We didn’t have to lift a finger or hire a contractor.What a relief.

Thank you Marty.
Mike Mussano, Lafayette

Selling your beloved home of 16 years is an emotional process. Thank goodness we found Marty, his calming nature filled us with confidence every step of the way. Even with our tears and traumas with Marty at the helm the whole process sailed along without a hitch. Marty you are a diamond of a realtor and we couldn’t have sold without your skill, professionalism and reassurance every step of the way. Thank you for all you did above and beyond the call of duty!

JackieLlewellyn, San Francisco

For over a year my husband and I were unsuccessful trying to find an investment property. Then we remembered Marty whom we met years ago when our kids were in Little League. He had left a positive, professional impression on us. So we decided, why not, let’s call him. Marty listened to what we wanted, what our budget was and just how much we did, and did not, know about the investment market. Marty applied his knowledge of the local market and the industry in ways that was helpful, informative and never over bearing. Every time we had questions he answered immediately. Sometimes it was within minutes, whether weekend, evenings or when he was supposedly on vacation.

He found us a great property. With his help and expertise, we went from looking for an investment to owning one. We would recommend Marty without hesitation. We are looking forward to our next deal.

Sally Van Oosbree, Lafayette

When my wife and I started to look into purchasing a home we had no clue where to start. Luckily, we knew Marty who was able to guide us through every step of the process. He took the time to sit down with us and go over our budget and the various options available. When we decided to wait a few months Marty was completely understanding and still stayed in constant contact with us, providing us daily listings so we could keep an eye on what was in our price range. Marty’s main concern was not making the sale, his main goal was making sure that we were comfortable with the home buying process, we were within our budget, and that we found the right place. Marty was amazing at working around our schedule for home tours and showed up to every showing with information and analysis on the surrounding area to help us make an informed decision. Marty was always able to give us the facts that we needed. Once we found a place Marty was quick to get our offer together and provide us updates every step of the way. Once we entered escrow Marty was able to use his extensive contacts to schedule our inspections quickly. As first time home buyers we would begin to get a little overwhelmed but Marty was there every step of the way with clear instructions and updates. Marty has been a calm, collective and guiding light for us through the whole home buying process. We could not imagine buying a home with any other realtor and would highly recommend him to anyone thinking about purchasing or selling.

RJ Pallari, Concord

My fiancé and I found the perfect new home in Dublin to start our new life together, the problem was that we both needed to sell our respective homes fast. We contacted Marty to handle the sale of my fiancé’s condo in Dublin. We had a tight deadline in order for us to be able close on our new home on time.

Marty was up for the challenge and after making one price reduction, a buyer was found. Marty quickly worked to get all the required documents completed for the sale and we were going to make the deadline for our new home, we at least we thought we were. As it turns out things didn’t go that smoothly. The buyer wasn’t able to secure her financing on time and if it hadn’t been for Marty we would have been left in the dark. The buyer’s agent wasn’t returning calls and Marty dug in and made direct contact with the mortgage broker. He also spoke on our behalf to the builder of our new home about the delay.

We ended up being delayed about 25 days in our close and it could have been longer without Marty’s help and guidance. Through it all he kept his calm demeanor which was a great comfort to my fiancé and I. We ended up getting our new dream home even with the delay.

I hope no one has to go through a close like my fiancé and I did with the sale of her home, but if you do we recommend you have someone like Marty on your side.

Janette Brown, Dublin

I was referred to Marty by two long time acquaintances who are experienced and successful international real estate investors, so I already expected to be in good hands before I even met Marty. My actual experience in working with him over the course of several months completely met and exceeded my high expectations. Here is just a bullet list highlighting some of Marty’s excellence when he helped to sell my home:

– Regularly provided timely and thorough analysis of real estate trends locally, regionally, and statewide. His analysis was always derived from authoritative sources and well documented.

– His opinions of the condition and value of my home were always candid and to the point; and he was always able to substantiate his opinions with regularly updated comps, plus his years of experience.

– Extremely prompt and courteous communications. Marty was always the first to contact me and provide information on each step of the listing and sale process. I never had to call him to ask what’s going on.

– Well networked with local contractors who helped expedite the preparation of my home for sale, saving me time and money.

– Detailed oriented. Marty was very attentive to every physical detail of my home and ensured everything was in order to prepare my home for sale.

– Patient and supportive and never made me feel silly for asking the most basic questions. I truly felt that Marty was always by my side to support me with every step of the process and protect my interests.

– No pressure approach. Whenever I had to make an important decision, Marty never made me feel pressured into deciding one way or another. He always provided the facts, then gave me the latitude to make decision myself.

– A consummate professional in terms of appearance, demeanor and composure. Seeing Marty always instilled in me a sense of confidence.

– Beneath that real estate professional is a genuinely warm and friendly person with a good sense of humor.

In sum, my experience with Marty exemplifies the meaning of going above and beyond, of exceeding expectations, and delivering first class client service. In a highly competitive profession, a person of Marty’s level of experience, expert knowledge, professionalism, and good nature makes him a gem among a field of stones.

Geo Wu, Lafayette

Marty was recommended to us by friends who had also recommended him to two other friends of ours and he had helped them all find the right home. My husband was working away when we started looking for properties and we were on a tight schedule as our lease was due to expire on the house we were living in. We are both from the UK so not only were we first time buyers but we were totally naive to the process of buying a house in the USA.

I have a tendency to become obsessive and panicky if I do not find the perfect thing after a couple of days of searching and as I said my husband was away so Marty was the one that bore the brunt of most of this!! He was calm and positive and very tolerant of my constant emails. When we did find the right place (actually two) Marty was very clear about the process and mounds of paperwork and advised us well on what kind of offers we should put in, etc.

He was right there with us throughout the whole process even to the point of bringing to our attention the good and bad points of a house (easy things to overlook when you view so many places).

He even popped around to see us in our new home with a housewarming gift!

In short I would highly recommend Marty to anyone looking for their next home.

Alison & David Robinson, Concord

I want to express what a great experience I had working with Marty Tuominen and J Rockcliff Realtors. This summer I downsized from my single family home in Concord and purchased a condominium in Walnut Creek. Marty guided me through the process of selling my old place and purchasing my new home.

Marty had a great marketing plan for my home in Concord. He suggested minor updates for my home to attract prospective buyers. He priced my home at an amount which took into consideration; the neighborhood, size of the home and the current housing market in Concord. Marty kept in constant contact throughout the marketing and sale of my Concord home. In the end, I received multiple offers on my house and could not have been happier with Marty representing me on the sale of my home.

Marty also helped me find my new condo in Walnut Creek. I expressed to him what I was looking for and how much I was comfortable in paying. Marty sent me listings daily. With the market as hot as it was, homes went pending in just days. Marty was always optimistic and assured me, we would find the kind of place that I was looking for. Marty kept to his word, he found a place that was perfect for me. Close to Bart and big enough for my 20 year old daughter and me.

Selling and buying a home can be a stressful experience. But Marty understood how overwhelming the experience can be. His upbeat attitude is infectious and I enjoyed working with him. I would definitely recommend Marty Tuominen and J.Rockcliff Realtors to anyone buying or selling a home.

Gayle McSparin, Walnut Creek

We were those types of clients (you know the ones)–first timers who needed some extra help, time, explanations and general hand holding–and Marty was there for us.

He’s an extremely sharp business person, with a kind heart, and he really did help see us through to our dream of home ownership! And ever since we signed those papers, I’ve been telling people: I love our home (more and more each day, in fact!), and Marty helped us find it.

Long story short: we were able to find it, view it, and make a successful offer in *this* crazy market. And I’d largely credit Marty for our success. He’s ready to meet up and tour any property (even those that are on the high or low end of what you’re looking for), and he answers his phone &/or returns calls and emails immediately. Also, because of his great network and track record, his reputation lent even more credibility to our offer.

Oh, and about that crucial offer: Marty never told (let alone pushed) us to offer a certain number on any house. If anything, we had to push him to share his thoughts on what this or that house might sell for. So he’s clearly got your best interests at heart.

He’s also prompt and personable. Our infant son even loved him! So in this winding journey of searching for that first home, Marty was really like a beacon in the dark. And I’d completely recommend him.

Janet and Jason M, Concord

Marty is by far the best agent that we have had the joy to work with. We have moved 7 times in the last 15 years, throughout the United States.

Marty had some challenges working with us. Not including the market situation. We were downsizing and also going to be paying more for a house. After countless houses and two offers, which we couldn’t compete with, we finally found a home. It has turned out to be the perfect home for us. No buyer’s remorse here. I know we could not have found it without Marty. We feel confident Marty would find someone else’s home, with the same dedication that he gave us.

Clementina and Louay Masarweh, Pleasant Hill

I was referred to Marty by a friend, who raved about Marty’s professionalism and skills as a realtor. When I began looking for a house in 2012, I decided to see for myself if Marty lived up to the hype.

Just as my friend claimed, Marty was calm, personable, and dedicated to his clients. As a single mom, I was looking for a specific property in a price range and location I desired. Marty went right to work researching homes that fit my parameters. He never acted dismissive or discouraging, as a previous realtor had been. During many visits to various homes, Marty was enthusiastic, patient, and wise. He gave me his honest feedback about the pros and cons of each property.

Marty was also easy to reach and returned calls promptly during the time we worked together. He even called me back within a few minutes when he was on vacation! In addition, Marty had contacts in every arena: lenders, contractors, painters. I switched accountants to the one Marty recommended because she was so diligent.

When there were difficulties with my lender a few days before closing, Marty was in my corner and wrote a letter on my behalf. He even offered to reduce his commission because of the lender’s minor errors on our closing statement; I refused, because Marty had so much integrity and had earned every penny of his commission in my eyes.

I concur with my friend that Marty is a top-notch realtor. Do yourself a favor and use Marty when you are buying or selling a house. He is unbeatable.

Amanda Somberg, Walnut Creek

Marty was recommended to me by a friend of a friend. After speaking with a couple of other realtors as well, I selected Marty because of his professional presentation and track record. I could not be more pleased with my decision. Marty skillfully guided me through the entire process, which went exceptionally smoothly. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and apparently unflappable.

Since we were fast approaching summer, he began showing the house even before it was officially on the market. He asked several prospective buyers to submit offers, and the one we chose was very strong. Because the buyers wanted a 21-day escrow, we were pushed to the max to get everything done in time. Marty recommended a handyman who was able to complete all the required repairs, he hired a pool service to spruce up the long-unused swimming pool, he coordinated efforts with the estate sale company, and he arranged for a final cleaning of the house and carpets. The on-line document signing system he uses was a real bonus, since I could handle most of the paperwork from my home computer.

We closed on time and the results of the sale exceeded my expectations. Bottom line – I have no hesitation about recommending Marty to anyone anticipating a real estate transaction in the Lafayette area.

Robbie Davis, Lafayette

We initially met Marty in 2008 when we were looking at the Lafayette area. We ended up deciding not to buy a home at that time but we did not hesitate to reach out to Marty again recently when we started our search again. We were thrilled we made this decision because Marty was fantastic to work with throughout the home buying process. He is intimately familiar with the various areas and he also has a great grasp on the process. He also went above and beyond on several occasions and made our process as smooth as possible. We felt we always had his full attention and knew that he was looking out for us. We would recommend Marty to anyone looking for great service and representation.

Amit and Bianka Ahuja, Lafayette

“We had reached the point where we quickly were becoming disillusioned in our home search when friends who had recently purchased a home gently suggested that we try their realtor Marty Tuominen – in their words ‘no pressure – just give it a shot ‘ So glad we did.

We want to thank Marty for his hard work and dedication. Our home search was not without its challenges. We had very specific requirements. Throughout the entire process Marty was ever patient, while we looked and looked at houses. Marty was knowledgeable and committed to helping us find not just any house, but the right house for us. I am happy to report that we found it all at a great price.

We thought the home search presented a challenge?

This was miniscule compared with the frustration that we faced with corporate constraints in trying to get our deal through and closed in time in order to benefit from the closing incentive offered by the bank who owned the property.

Marty provided support, solid advice and went above and beyond his job. He stayed on top of the process and in daily contact with all parties. We feel we not only gained a beautiful home to enjoy, but we also developed a special relationship with Marty in the process. We are truly appreciative and would happily recommend Marty’s services without hesitation to anyone and look forward to seeing more friends (or family) finding their dream home with his help.”

Anthony and Renee James – Pleasant Hill

We first contacted Marty from a referral from our neighbors whose home he recently sold. In spite of this great referral, we had planned to interview at least 2 or 3 other realtors. But after 5 minutes of conversation with Marty we realized he was the right one for us. Our initial meeting proved to be very positive. With retirement plans in the very near future, we were motivated to sell, and Marty proposed very logical and realistic ideas to position our home for a timely sale. His extensive marketing skills and contacts gave us the feeling that we were in very capable and professional hands. As a result, our home sold in just 4 days for the full asking price.We highly recommend Marty because of our success with him, his cool, calm demeanor and sense of humor. Marty always answered our questions promptly and guided us through each step of the selling process. He made a very stressful process less stressful, and sometimes, actually fun.

Last but not least, we were so impressed with Marty that we also purchased our new home with him.

Les and Chris Crosbie, Lafayette

Marty was instrumental in my purchase of investment property. He worked with me to define my investment objectives and then found many different properties for me to consider…and he did the math for me…including historical pricing data for purchase price and rental rates as well as the expected operating costs. He did the due diligence professionally, and with understanding of the anxiety that buying property can bring. He helped work out long and short-term investment strategies. His expertise made me feel comfortable undertaking this investment. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is considering purchasing real estate, either for personal occupancy or for investment.

Diane Wilcox, Lafayette

Marty was extremely analytical and organized to be able to find us a second home in the East Bay area on a tight time schedule and in a city unfamiliar to us. When we established our objectives and goals with him, he immediately found us many different properties to consider. In addition, he provided his analysis of the properties in advance of the showings and also provided great lender contacts. His expertise and market experience also made us very comfortable in evaluating properties and ultimately choosing a great home to buy. We would recommend Marty to anyone who is considering purchasing real estate for investment or personal use.

Vivian Kee, Honolulu

I met Marty one day and decided to inquire about renting a larger home in Lafayette. Marty greeted me and immediately said “sure, let’s look!” That afternoon he took me around to a number of homes all the while asking me questions about what I like, didn’t like my needs etc…. We didn’t really see any homes that “were the one” for me but we had a nice afternoon. What I didn’t understand at the time was that Marty was doing his research. He called me two days later and said that he would like me to look at a home for rent. The home was perfect and I moved in; telling Marty that I would be ready to buy a home in maybe a year. He said fine. Yet, he never stopped looking for me. He found a home that he thought would fit me perfectly and it was great but I was not ready yet. Again, he didn’t stop staying in contact, so I decided to try to get my financing together sooner so Marty would settle down (just kidding). But I was able to get my financing together earlier and was able to buy that perfect little home for me. Marty is a great relationship person and doesn’t waste your time. He knows other brokers and the area and can find you just the right home too.

Betty Hanna, Lafayette

“My wife and I began looking for a first home. Being new to the process (and the United States) things were moving along slowly, and our experience was somewhat disappointing. That all changed when a friend recommended that we contact Marty. From our first meeting we felt a lot more comfortable with the home buying process and Marty’s knowledge, approach and dedication to getting us into not just any home, but the right home for us was greatly appreciated. Marty provided excellent support and advice (available pretty much 24/7) and once he had established the type of home we were looking for and our specific preferences things progressed quickly and smoothly. He also gave us great support through the purchase process. We would happily recommend Marty’s services to friends and family and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Bevan Smith and Danielle Mandy, Pleasant Hill

“We want to thank Marty for his hard work, dedication and commitment to selling our home. When we interviewed Marty we felt he would put his all into networking and marketing our home in such a way that it would get the best exposure possible…..and that’s just what he did. All along we knew that he was giving it his very best effort and we knew that it was very important to him, not just to sell a house, but to help us get to Fresno. Along with being very professional he was also very warm and caring. Thanks Marty for treating us as if we were your only client…..I’m sure your other clients feel that way too.”

Dan and Chris Capener, Lafayette

“Marty was recommended to us by a friend and being new to the housing market in this country, we decided to put our trust in Marty to provide guidance through the process. Not only was he very diligent in explaining the process, but he was very understanding of our priorities and worked within those parameters to help us find a lovely home. We found we could rely on his experience for any information or questions that we had, and soon enough we were making an offer that we were very financially satisfied with, but very personally happy about. We highly recommend working with Marty any time you’re considering buying a home.”

Ray Robertson and Rebeca Ayala, Pleasant Hill

“I purchased a bank owned property that had a number of problems. Marty was able to guide me through the maze and did not leave me hanging on any issues. He returned my calls, he showed up on time, he was prepared, and he was in good spirits”.

“To me, he is the ultimate professional. I feel fortunate to have found him on my own”.
Raydon Shippey, Martinez

“Marty guided me through the many steps of selling my house- pricing, fixing up, presenting it favorably, dealing with other agents, negotiating terms-being sure I didn’t miss a step along the way. I felt that I had his full attention all the time. I have bought and sold 6 houses and can say that Marty was the finest realtor I’ve ever dealt with.”

Kay Hardy, Lafayette

“Marty made buying a home incredibly easy, and even enjoyable. He went the extra mile and far beyond, and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Angus Rodger, Orinda

“Marty’s patience, expertise and solid understanding of the market resulted in our perfect home purchase. He saved us countless trips and hours by filtering out only great choices for us, and each tour we took with him was a true pleasure. During the purchase negotiation, he identified clever ways to take our side and improve the final deal, and he recommended only solid professionals for inspections/improvements/etc. I’d strongly recommend him to anyone in Lamorinda.”

Karel and Naoko Baloun, Lafayette

“As first-time California home-buyers, we really appreciated Marty’s extensive knowledge of the area. The true “local’s” perspective on the attributes of various neighborhoods was invaluable. And, through the entire process, Marty was always available to address questions or concerns, making an otherwise stressful process as smooth as possible. We would highly recommend Marty’s services to other prospective homebuyers.”

Joe and Emily Schultz, Orinda

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